Saturday Evening Dance Club

The Executive Board

The club is run by a volunteer board that plans and organizes the dances, and scouts out new bands and dance locations. The board consists of a president, secretary, treasurer, and four directors, and meets approximately five times a year. Board members are elected to two-year terms at the annual membership meeting, which is typically held during the May Member dance.


Jonathan Kennen

(609) 897-7807


Carmen Harris

(908) 391-3251


Ray Miller


Sue Grinkevich


Philip Freidenreich


Suzanne Walker


Reggie Harris

Past President

Robert Tyson

Club Bylaws

The club's Bylaws can be viewed here.

The Saturday Evening Dance Club (S.E.D.C.) holds ballroom dances that feature live music and a formal dress code to create a unique and elegant atmosphere for an enjoyable evening.

Club History

The Club was founded in 1890 as the Saturday Evening Dance Class by young people who wanted to learn and dance the Palatka, Lancers and Quadrilles which were popular at that time. During the early 1900's parties before a dance were elaborate affairs often overshadowing the dance itself. The men always wore tuxedos, and the women wore beautiful floor-length gowns. An evening at the Saturday Evening Dance Club was the most significant social event of the season! The club has survived two World Wars, the Crash of ’29, the great Depression and a number of subsequent economic dips, yet it continues today supported by a highly enthusiastic membership.

Former Club Presidents

Robert Tyson

2011 - 2012

Ed DiPolvere

2004 - 2011

Luci DiPolvere

1998 - 2004

Robin Mastrocola

1995 - 1998

Naoma Dorety

1980 - 1995

Dr. Edward Hawke

First President